The Mission of the Maximo Utility Working Group – not for profit (MUWG) is to provide a forum for user utilities to exchange information, methods and experiences. This exchange of information is designed to result in the fullest potential use of Maximo's capabilities.


  1. Provide information directly from IBM Maximo Asset Management (IBM Maximo) on technology, usage and developments.
  2. Provide user experiences concerning the application of Maximo, development of databases for the purpose of asset management and work management improvements.
  3. Provide a Maximo support network to exchange information and knowledge with other users.


MUWG is a utility industry sponsored working group that provides a forum for Maximo users to exchange information, methods and experiences, improve asset and work management practices and processes in the utility work place. This exchange of information is designed to improve the knowledge, use, practices and methods, so as to optimize use of Maximo's capabilities.


The Working Group provides its membership with opportunities to exchange information on issues such as:

2.1 Management of Work in the Utility Workplace
  1. Developing quality maintenance work orders to support an asset management program
  2. Optimizing and managing maintenance expenditures through productivity improvement
  3. Work planning and scheduling
  4. Developing and managing key performance indicators for maintenance management
  5. Instituting and improving an effective work control process
  6. Implementation of new technologies to improve the performance of work
  7. Development of job plans and best practices for maintenance work
2.2 Management of Utility Assets
  1. New methods for optimizing recurring maintenance, including reliability centered maintenance and condition based maintenance
  2. Effective methods for cost allocations
  3. Techniques for developing effective asset maintenance and cost histories
  4. Effective tools for analyzing life cycle costing of utility assets
  5. Asset Data structures and information for implementation of Maximo
2.3 Management of the Software Maximo
  1. Developing asset hierarchy, equipment profiles, job plans and PM Masters for an effective work and asset management tool
  2. Configuration management of the software databases and applications
  3. New features in version releases
  4. Interfacing Maximo with other software tools to gain optimum utilization


3.1 Utility

Any organization that generates, produces, distributes or delivers electricity, gas, oil, water, (including waste water disposal) and/or basic services to support all or part of the above commodities.

3.2 Member

Any Utility that is licensed to use MAXIMO products. (IBM Maximo) shall provide the list of members eligible to participate.



The Maximo Utility Working Group (MUWG) is led by a volunteer steering committee of five to twelve utility members, one of which will serve as chairperson and one as co-chairperson. The committee will attempt to have at least one representative from each of the Business sectors. (T&D, Utility, Gas & Oil, Waste Water, etc.) An IBM Maximo management representative will participate in the Steering Committee as a non-voting member.

The Steering Committee provides leadership to MUWG and is responsible for the following:

  • Determining where and when workshops are to be conducted.
  • Determining the theme and agenda for each workshop, considering the needs of the members.
  • Conducting surveys of needs and distributing Group information, as warranted.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of MUWG.
  • Providing direction to the Program Manager.


A Program Manager, appointed by IBM Maximo, provides administrative and technical support for the Group. The Program Manager reports to the chairperson of MUWG.

The Program Manager is responsible for the following:

  • Providing administrative work required to set-up and conduct workshops.
  • Providing notification of workshops to members.
  • Collecting and manage the funds required to support the Group's activities.
  • Providing financial reports and status of the Group's activities.
  • Interfacing with MRO Software's management on behalf of the Group.


Members are utility companies that use MAXIMO (under license) and choose to participate in workshops, committees and sub-committees.
Each member utility of MUWG has the right to:

  • Have representatives attend MUWG meetings. All permanent employees belonging to that member utility may attend meetings.
  • Vote on MUWG issues and for election of MUWG officers.

MUWG is a voluntary organization to promote information exchange that has the potential to save member utilities considerable time and resources. The success of MUWG is dependent upon the contribution of each member. Each member utility is expected to provide support to the organization.


IBM Maximo Management provides a channel to communicate with MUWG and will support requests for technical presentations and expert advice, as appropriate.



MUWG conducts two workshops per year (one workshop in the spring and one in the fall). Workshops are alternated between the eastern and western portions of the United States, and ideally, in areas where the highest concentration of member utility companies are located.

  • Workshops are conducted at facilities close to major airports to reduce the need for rental cars and minimize traveling time.
  • Workshop hotel selections should provide free meeting space, and reasonable rates for the area.
  • Lunch is provided at each workshop to eliminate the need to leave the premises.
  • Presentation materials and meeting notes are provided to each individual who attends the workshops.
    The Program Manager provides the material on a jump drive for the workshop attendees.
  • Workshop fees are non-refundable within two weeks of the workshop. A credit for a future workshop will be given to the member.
  • IBM Maximo is committed to supporting MUWG by having at least one representative at each workshop.
  • IBM Maximo may be requested to provide technical presentations and keep members informed of new developments.
  • IBM Maximo may use the workshop to bring perspective utility customers to interact with current users.


MUWG understands that the vendor community associated with MAXIMO brings added value to the members. The Steering Committee seeks to establish ways that MAXIMO users and vendors can meet and learn from each other in a highly professional environment. The Steering Committee reserves the right to change any guideline about vendor relationships depending on the comments of the attendees.


The primary venue for vendors to participate in MUWG Workshops is to exhibit on Vendor Night, which is traditionally held at the end of the first full day of the Workshop. There is a fee to exhibit. Vendors are asked not to sell during the workshop sessions.


The membership requires presentations be delivered by other members or invited guests. Vendors can assist members in preparing and delivering presentations, but it must not be a sales pitch.


Vendors are invited to sponsor meals and breaks during the Workshop. A fee for the menu will be established for each meeting. The Vendor will have special signage and recognition.


MUWG website will maintain links directly to participating vendors' website for six months.

In order to accommodate vendors who would like to hold a daylong seminar on the day after the formal workshop, the following guidelines are established:


Vendor participation in the Workshop is by invitation of the Steering Committee only.

Vendors must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be a recognized IBM Maximo Partner Program Participant.
  • Be a provider of a service or product in support of MAXIMO at a member site and sponsored by the member.
  • Be a vendor that the Steering Committee believes will bring added value to the membership.


All vendor presentations must be submitted to MUWG Steering Committee for review and approval 60 days prior to being selected as the vendor of choice for the seminar. Failure to comply with the spirit and intent of this charter will result in the vendor not being invited to subsequent MUWG Workshops. The Steering Committee shall be the final arbiter of any confusion concerning vendors that are invited to participate in MUWG Workshops.


MUWG is a not for profit operation in which all funds are used to support activities sponsored by the Group. The Group is funded through workshop fees. The Steering Committee will approve fees based location, materials and historical costs.