Oct 15

Maximo Technical User Group - MaxTECH


As well as holding user group meetings at the Maximo Utility Working Group, did you know that MaxTECH also has several other user group meetings throughout the year. Our next meeting is coming up in three weeks in Tulsa Oklahoma.


You can find agenda and registration details for this free conference here:



In January we will also be holding a user group meeting in Calgary, Alberta so if you want to combine Maximo learning with a ski weekend be sure to join us there.






New Posts
  • We're beginning to implement Maximo for our power group here at Fort Collins Utilities and are looking to see what other organizations are using for tracing and outage management. Our power group wants to use ArcFM and ArcFM mobile together with Maximo for asset management. Has anyone in the power industry used or configured ArcFM to work with Maximo?
  • Wondering if you performed performance testing when upgrading or using 7.6? What was your experience?
  • Perhaps one of the most discussed topics in the business world today is how to mobilize a workforce. As one begins this journey there are many facets and topics to consider. All of these topics are important and all must be considered for a complete solution. A miss on any of the important ones can be the difference between developing a 'paper weight' or a solution that you users cannot live without (think of your smart phone). These are findings, observations and learnings noted over many years of the discussion, research and deployment of mobile solutions. All must be evaluated to develop a mobile solution that will produce a successful design for your users. Select link below to read entire article on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/mobilizing-your-workforce-observations-from-road-chet-johnson/

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