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The Maximo Supply Chain User Group (MSCUG) focuses on improving how supply chain organizations meet material and contract needs of their companies. IBM Maximo functionality and information exchange on best practices is a focus of this user group. We believe this will help the inventory purchasing organizations as well as the maintenance staff that depend on the effective management of materials and contracts to meet maintenance and operational needs.


The Mission of the Maximo Supply Chain User Group is to provide a forum for the Maximo Supply Chain user community to exchange information, methods and experiences. This exchange of information is designed to result in expanding the use and knowledge of the supply chain functionality within Maximo.


  • Improve communication between Maximo Supply Chain User Group (MSCUG) and IBM

  • Provide information directly from MSCUG on technology, usage and developments.

  • Provide user experiences concerning the application of Maximo Supply Chain, to include Materials Management, Mobile, Procurement, Contracts, Receiving, Materials Accounting and Invoice Processing.

  • Provide user experiences concerning 3rd party add-on applications that integrate or enhance Maximo Supply Chain functionality.

  • Provide a Maximo Supply Chain support network to exchange information and knowledge with other users.

  • Develop strategy and best practice documents.

Some of the topics that the MSCUG are addressing include:

  • Areas of Maximo’s Supply Chain processes implemented, or planned to be implemented.

  • For those areas of Maximo’s Supply Chain implemented, or being implementing, what was implemented without extensions/customizations?

  • For those out of the box implementations, ‘What areas do you believe you could be more efficient if they were extended/customized?

  • For those who extended or customized ‘What areas did you customize/extend?

  • How many third party products are you utilizing?

  • What were the most challenging areas in your implementations? MIF (Maximo Integration Framework)? System Performance? Migrations? Workflows? Testing? Security? Etc.

  • How is your "Post Implementation Support Structure designed?

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