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The MUWG Certification program is comprised of three levels or training sessions. These sessions cover the knowledge that MUWG believes a Planner – Scheduler needs to effectively use Maximo functionality to plan work and support the scheduling processes. The training topics are generally considered best practices for the utilities and other capital intensive industries.

Visit our Certification page to learn more about the training layout and certification process.




MUWG provides two ways to participate in the certification program or Planner Scheduler trainings:


Each MUWG Conference includes an additional, optional training day after the conference has concluded. The optional training day will be a selection made during the registration process for the conference. The optional training day is an additional fee.


If you have a team of individuals that are interested in participating in the certification program, MUWG also provides on-site training at Member utilities. Visit our on-site training page for information or request a quote for an on-site training.

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