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Mobile User Group for Maximo

Mobile user group led by a volunteer management

committee of Maximo users

The Mobile User Group for Maximo is a community of Maximo users focused on sharing information, detailing processes, exchanging experiences, and promoting a positive change culture regarding the

mobile use of Maximo.

Our user group community is mobile software and hardware agnostic, inclusive of all industry types and is open to any Maximo user. 


It is the mission of the MUGM to provide opportunities for Maximo users from diverse industries and mobile platforms to engage and interact with peers by sharing business practices and experiences that will lead to improved mobile usage and system value.


  • Provide insight that can immediately be applied or considered at your organization

  • Looking to develop more objective together as a user group

Relationship to MUWG – similar Supply Chain User Group, MUGM is an extension of MUWG and varies that our focus is users of Maximo across all industries and platforms. MUGM is looking to leverage the successful history and longevity of MUWG and MUWG conferences by offering a new track focused exclusively on mobile.

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