Clay Cook


Clay has over 35 years of experience with fossil power plants in the areas of program development, quality assurance, maintenance and inventory management. This includes nearly thirty years of experience with enterprise asset management applications and twenty-two years of experience with Maximo upgrades, integrations, training, reporting, inventory and financial management.

Clay oversees all aspects of MUWG, including conference planning and execution.  He also facilitates MUWG Training programs and performs MUWG assessments for organizations wanting to evaluate their implementation and use of Maximo.

Gail Cook


Gail is a previous business owner and is currently the Treasurer for another not-for-profit organization.

Gail maintains all member and vendor records from past conferences and is responsible for processing all registrations, payments, receipts, and vendor sponsorships during an active conference. Her responsibilities also include payroll, filing tax payments and tax forms, meeting with MUWG’s CPA during tax season and working with the Webmaster to keep the MUWG Website current.

Rick Ulrich

Rick has over 33 years in power generation, water management, and T&D experience in various areas of reliability maintenance, asset and inventory management. Including 20 years of continuous process improvement, Predictive Maintenance, Lock Out/Tag Out, and mobile. He has experience with Maximo upgrades, integrations, training, reporting and business systems analysis.

IBM Maximo Representative 

Terry Saunders
IBM Worldwide Utilities Industry Leader,
IBM Watson loT: Asset Management


Terry is responsible for world-wide market share growth of asset and work management solutions in Utilities: Generation, Transmission and Distribution for Electric, Gas, and Water. He works with design architects, development, support and our customers and business partners to manage strategy of the Maximo for Utilities Industry solutions. Terry began work with Maximo in 1997 and had previously worked in Generation, Substation, Transmission and Distribution as well as Chemicals, Petroleum, Refining, Mining, Food Processing, and Manufacturing. He has held senior roles in Product Development, Business Development and Industry Marketing for MRO Software and PSDI.


Terry Saunders has a Masters of Science Degree in Innovation & Technology from Boston University, 2010 and an undergraduate Degree in Communications from the University of Minnesota, USA.


Mel Bennett.jpg

Mel Bennett
Mount Pleasant Water Works


Mel has worked for Mount Pleasant Waterworks (MPW), a water and wastewater utility near Charleston, S.C., for nearly 40 years. He helped to implement, and then administered MPW’s first CMMS in 1990 while he was Supervisor of the four Water Treatment Plants. He went on to manage the entire Water Department, which included the Water Treatment Plants and the Water Distribution System. Eventually Mel moved out of the Water Department and became Director of Safety and Environmental Compliance. Gradually that position evolved into managing a very diverse department of multiple functions.

From our initial implementation of Maximo in 2010 through January 2017, Mel and his staff were responsible for all user training, ongoing user support, all front-end configurations and administration of the system, and Quality Assurance reviews of the data contained within Maximo. 

In January 2017, Mel stepped out of his Department Manager role and into a newly created position entitled Asset Management Specialist. The goal of this new position was to narrow Mel’s scope of responsibilities, allowing him to focus most of his time specifically on Maximo and its impact on asset management / maintenance management activities throughout the organization.


Eventually, through a slight reorganization, a new Asset Information Department was formed. Then in November 2020, Mel was selected to fill a newly created Asset Information Department Head position. Among other things, this department is responsible for Maximo administration and configurations, user training & support, and Maintenance Planning & Scheduling.

George Perry.jpg


George Perry
New York Power Authority



George has worked in the Electric Utility Industry for almost 35 years. He started his career with Orange and Rockland Utilities at the Lovett Generating Station where he served in various positions in fuel handling and plant maintenance.  After several years, he made the move to operations at the company’s hydro-electric facilities.  As deregulation in New York State followed, George remained with the Hydro-Electric Operations group.  Now with Southern Energy (later Mirant) George was promoted to Senior Hydro Plant Operator, where he was responsible for the development of and training on the lockout / tagout, station and substation switching, and plant operations programs. 


After a twenty-one-year career, he joined New York Power Authority in 2009 as a Technical Training Instructor responsible for Operations at the Blenheim – Gilboa Hydro-Electric project.  After a few years, George filled a void in the Safety Training field where he helped to revise and develop many of the company’s safety training programs.  Most recently, George joined the Asset Information group with responsibility for Asset Management, Maintenance, and Information training which includes Maximo and related systems.


George also serves on the management committee for the Northeast Maximo Users Group.

Cristy Bennett
Oglethorpe Power Corporation


Cristy Bennett has been associated with the Electric Utility Industry for 38 years. After graduating with an Electrical Engineering degree, she spent 10 years working in Georgia Power Company’s Substation Control Design group.

That was followed by 11 years in the Supply Chain organization of Georgia Power & Southern Company, working in all areas of Supply Chain (purchasing, volume procurement, contract management, asset disposition & warehousing). After leaving the Southern Company, she spent the next 10 years as an independent contractor and full-time employee with Georgia Transmission Corporation (GTC) in their Procurement Services department. For the last 7 years, she has been Director of Supply Chain Services for Oglethorpe Power Corporation (OPC) which uses Maximo as its enterprise asset management & supply chain tool.  She also serves as the lead of the OPC Maximo Governance Team, steering committee lead of the Maximo Supply Chain User Group, and Board member of the Utility Supplier Alliance Association.


Jade Warren
Great River Energy


I began my career at Great River Energy (a G&T cooperative located in Minnesota) in 2004 as an intern on the IT Service Desk.   In 2005 I was hired as an IT support analyst and had the opportunity to represent the IT Support Services department during the Maximo 5.2 to 6.0 upgrade and worked extensively on the implementation of our IT processes in Maximo.  Following that upgrade, I took on the role of liaison between IT Support Services and our company's Maximo support group and maintained administrative rights within our Maximo systems.  In 2014, I transferred full-time to the Maximo support group.  In that capacity, I have been the lead developer on numerous projects in the Maximo space, including Operator Logging, Transmission Clearances, Permit Management, IT service enhancements, and myExperience (human performance management in Maximo). 


I am skilled in presentation, facilitation, business analysis, application design, and translating business processes into elegant solutions.  I specialize in enhanced application design using a combination of automation scripting, conditional UI, judicious class extensions, and creativity.  I have been able to design many creative solutions that function within the constraints of "configuration", but also am able to pursue "customization" when it is the best path to reach a solution.  I speak at several annual Maximo-related conferences on a recurring basis, and have been privileged to lead break-out sessions at the MUWG for the last 4 years.  In my spare time, I work with my family on a small hobby farm and manage a beekeeping & honey business.

Regan Layne.jpg

Regan Layne
Tennessee Valley Authority


Regan started her career at TVA in 2012 as a Software Engineer intern. She spent her intern years working on TVA’s Maximo upgrade 6.2.3 to 7.5 project. During this time, she worked along side and supported multiple business units work and asset management programs through customization and configuration changes as well as automated testing. 


In 2016 she moved on to a Mobility Program Manager role, where she provided governance and oversight of Maximo, in relation to enhancements, upgrades, and overall direction of system 

processes. She was responsible for technology initiatives, projects and programs including acting as a liaison between the Transmission business unit and IT developing TVA’s Maximo Mobile applications. 


In 2021, Regan moved on to be a Senior Business Technology Consultant for TVA’s Power Operations business unit on their Data Analytics & Technology team. Here, she continues to lead the Maximo Mobility effort as well as other continuous improvement technology projects.

Destinie Richter.jpg


Destinie Richter



My career at Oncor started in 2009 and has spanned through Transmission Engineering, Sourcing and now the Assistant Manager of Oncor’s Supply Chain Strategy and Technology group. I was on the original team that implemented Maximo within our supply chain organization as well as our work and asset management side for Distribution. I currently oversee Maximo for supply chain as well as all of our interfaces to and from Maximo to other systems within all of Oncor’s business units which includes AP, Distribution, Transmission, Energy Efficiency, Waste Management, IT and others. I am the current Chairperson of the Maximo Supply Chain user group. I am married with three children and received my Masters of Science in Supply Chain and Technology from Texas Christian University.

Andrea O'Donnell



I have worked for Arizona Public Service for the last 16 years in numerous positions from Engineering, Corporate Environmental & Health, Routine and Overhaul Planning and Scheduling. 15 years has been in Generation supporting Gas & Oil and Coal Power plants and the last year has been in the Transmission and Distribution. I have a B.S. in Civil Engineering and am currently working at attaining a PMP. I am currently a Corporate Functional Area Leader in Work Management for Transmission and Distribution. My role is to provide oversight and support in work management and to help implement and standardize work management processes and work management tools (Maximo) within the business. I work closely with leadership and conduct assessments identifying gaps and providing recommended solution. I have been involved in our Enterprise Work Management project upgrade taking 3 Maximo platforms used by each business within APS to one Enterprise Maximo. I was part of the implementation and support of Maximo for the past two years. I have participated in MUGW since 2010 as an attendee



Bobby Shewmake
Southern Company


Bobby has worked in the Nuclear Industry for the last 32 years at 3 Locations: Farley Nuclear Plant (Southern Company), V.C. Summer (SCANA), and the Southern Company Corporate Offices in Birmingham, where he currently resides. His work history includes assignments in various roles in Health Physics, Chemistry/Radiochemistry, Design Engineering, and Enterprise Solutions Support (ESS) for Maximo/Primavera.

Currently, he works as a Technology Manager for Southern Company, with primary responsibility for Maximo and Primavera Technology Support for the Enterprise. Maximo is used in Nuclear and Fossil Generation, Engineering and Construction Services, and Transmission and Distribution; and, serves as one of 4 core applications in a mix of about 30 systems that are integrated across the Southern Company footprint and supported by the Technology Organization. He also represents Southern on the IBM Nuclear Partners group.

Bobby has a B.S. in Physical Sciences (Auburn University) and a B.S. Mechanical Engineering (South Carolina) and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Alabama.

Wayde Prejean-1t.jpg

Wayde Prejean
Kinder Morgan Inc.


I have worked for Kinder Morgan and predecessor companies for 40 years in various Accounting areas, on process / re-engineering projects and as the Maximo Coordinator / Administrator from the business side. I am currently Manager IC over the business/support side of Maximo in the Operations Corporate Management department for Kinder Morgan’s Natural Gas segment.


I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and also hold the Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) designation.


I have been involved in numerous Maximo implementations and have supported Maximo since 1996. I have been a frequent attendee and presenter at PULSE/Maximo World/InterConnect and at MUWG, GOMaximo and other conferences.

Shane Turner Profile Picture.jpg

Shane Turner
Vistra Corp


I have worked in power generation for more than 30 years in positions within Operations, Maintenance and Corporate. I am currently the Maximo Business Owner with Vistra, involved in Maximo implementations and support since 2006.  Under ownership initially by Sithe Energies, then Exelon, then Dynegy, and finally Vistra, I have been actively involved in the conversion to, integration with, or initial deployment of Maximo for over 50 facilities to date.  My Computerized Maintenance Management Systems experience dates back to 1989 with J.B. Systems and the evolution of the Mainsaver product.

Originally trained as a Nuclear Reactor Operator with the US Navy, most of my power experience is with combined cycle, natural gas facilities and now have Maximo deployed in battery, coal, gas, nuclear and solar generation as well as mining facilities.

My MUWG participation began in 2006 and has been in the various roles of a presenter, attendee, and member of the management committee.

Annie Wooten


Annie has 18+ years' experience at the Lower Colorado River Authority. This includes a background in Dam & Hydroelectic operations, cyber security, business analysis, and transmission asset and work management. In her current role she leads a operational technology team to ensure effective system architecture design and data visualization for the Transmission department. Annie has been a member of the MUWG management committee since 2017, and is a graduate of Texas Tech University.

Interested in becoming a Committee Member?

MUWG depends on dedicated Committee Members from member utilities to guide and support the organization. Committee members are expected to promote MUWG in their organization and in the utility sector.  


Additional responsibilities include participating on a monthly management committee conference call, attending at least one conference per year, and supporting our conferences by giving presentations or leading breakout sessions. 

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